The Bulgarian Interior Ministry has called for a peaceful protest before Bulgaria-Hungary Euro Qualifier

"We don't know who is organizing the protest." The time available to estimate the number of participants is limited. So yet, no authorized events have been identified. The Metropolitan Municipality issues permits and permission letters. The organizer is a capital club representative. He is recognized by his face. We've scheduled a meeting with him. There will be more clarification after 16:30. "We sincerely hope that the participants in the spontaneous protest will gather on Gurko Street, hold their legal protest, but not disrupt the football match," said representatives of the Bulgarian Interior Ministry at a joint press conference of the BFU and "National Sports Base", where it was explained how security for the match between Bulgaria and Hungary will be organized. The discussion will take place behind closed doors tomorrow at 19:00 at the "Vasil" Levski" national stadion in Sofia.

"Three security firms have been hired to secure the sports complex." If assistance is required, we will offer it. Participants in these activities will be allowed inside a specified area, which you will notice. I will not say who represents the football team club, which is metropolitan and has a wide audience; there are two of them.

There are 1,600 people guarding the event, and more may be hired.

Bulgarian Interior Ministry collaborates with social partners on each event. When such a huge event occurs, information is gathered, compiled, and evaluated. This information is obtained from a variety of partners as well as from us to them. When an event is denigrated, a view is conveyed; whether or not that opinion is accepted is another thing. However, we shall continue to function in this manner.

Initially, the protest was scheduled for 21:45 at the sports facility. At the moment, it is mostly concentrated on the sports complex. Consider how the facility will look from the start, with staff lined up on the track and on the roadways.

Bulgarian Interior Ministry has never claimed that it can handle any incident. Even after the football match was agreed to be held in Plovdiv, and promised to support the Plovdiv teammates.

Things are obvious, and organizational difficulties are well understood. "Whatever depends on us will be done," the cops vowed. /BGNES