The health ministry in Gaza, which is under Hamas' control, has reported that the number of conflict fatalities has reached 37,084

The health ministry of Gaza, which is under the control of Hamas, reported on Sunday that a minimum of 37,084 individuals have been slain in the territory over the course of more than eight months of conflict between Israeli and Palestinian militants.

It stated that the death toll in the Israeli assault on the Nuseirat refugee camp on Saturday, which resulted in the rescue of four detainees, is at least 274. However, this figure is impossible to independently verify.

Nuseirat's fatalities, according to the ministry, comprised at least 64 children and adolescents, 57 women, and 37 elderly individuals.

According to the ministry, 698 additional individuals sustained injuries during the operation, including 153 children, 161 women, and 54 elderly Palestinians.

According to Israel, one police officer was fatally wounded during the conflict.

Additionally, the health ministry reported that the conflict in Gaza has resulted in the injuries of at least 84,494 Gazans since it commenced on October 7. |BGNES