The US and UK struck 18 Houthi targets

US and British forces launched a new wave of strikes against 18 Houthi targets in Yemen after weeks of Iranian-backed rebels relentlessly attacking shipping in the Red Sea, AFP reported.
"The strikes specifically targeted 18 Houthi targets at 8 locations in Yemen related to Houthi underground weapons depots, missile depots, one-way attack drone systems, air defense systems, radars and a helicopter," the joint statement said. statement.
The statement was signed by Australia, Bahrain, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands and New Zealand, which gave unspecified "support" to the new round of strikes, the second this month and the fourth since the rebels began attacking ships in the region.
"Since mid-November, the Houthis have carried out more than 45 attacks against commercial and military vessels, which poses a threat to the global economy as well as regional security and stability, and requires an international response," the statement said.
The operation comes after several merchant ships were attacked in the region this week, including the fertiliser-laden Rubymar.
"The United States will not hesitate to take action if necessary to protect human life and the free flow of commerce along one of the world's most critical waterways," said US Secretary of War Lloyd Austin.
"We will continue to make it clear to the Houthis that they will suffer the consequences if they do not stop their illegal attacks that are harming Middle East economies, causing environmental damage and disrupting the delivery of humanitarian aid to Yemen and other countries," he added. Austin./BGNES