Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan: Israel's nukes could boost nuclear race

"The continued possession of nuclear weapons by Israel, combined with the failure to denuclearize the region, will intensify the nuclear arms race, leading to increased nuclear isolation in the region. This is not a favorable situation for both the region and the world." Fidan said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

"Israel's possession of nuclear weapons has been a known but unacknowledged secret for many years - a fact that everyone knows but no one admits. We see that Israel has developed its nuclear potential by not becoming a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty , and we also know that in this regard he has received significant support from the US and Europe. So it is not a secret," he said.

Fidan stressed the need for complete denuclearization of the region or other countries to take steps to increase their security, pointing the urgent need to find a solution to the critical strategic issue.

Highlighting the significant progress made during the extraordinary Arab-Islamic summit held in Riyadh last week, he pointed out that it was a turning point in promoting cooperation and solidarity among Muslim countries.

As for the concrete effect of the decisions taken, he stressed the urgent need to stop the bloodshed in Gaza and ensure the rapid delivery of aid. He stated that Muslim countries currently prefer to solve the problem in Gaza by using all diplomatic and humanitarian tools.

Regarding Ankara's decision-making process, Fidan said Turkey prefers collective action with other countries to increase the effect of its measures.

Regarding the different positions of Turkey and the US regarding the ceasefire, Fidan said that Ankara advocates an immediate ceasefire and continuous humanitarian aid to Gaza. While acknowledging the disagreement with the US regarding the complete ceasefire, he expressed optimism about the achievement of a humanitarian truce./BGNES