Wilders: The Dutch parties have reached a coalition agreement

Six months after Geert Wilders won a stunning election victory, the feuding politicians have finally reached an agreement.
This was stated by the leader of the Dutch extreme right, who will not be prime minister.
"We have an agreement between the negotiators," said Wilders, who reluctantly agreed to give up his dream of running Europe's fifth-largest economy amid widespread concern over his anti-Islam and anti-European views.
It was not immediately clear who will be the prime minister, who will lead the right-wing coalition government and replace Mark Rutte.
"Discussions about the prime minister will take place later," Wilders told reporters, AFP reported.
However, the main contender appears to be former Education and Home Affairs Minister Ronald Plasterk, who also played a key role in overseeing the initial talks.
The parties must now return the agreement to their MPs for further discussion. Details of the settlement were not immediately available.
In March, the four parties agreed to aim for a partially technocratic government made up of 50% politicians and 50% non-politicians.
The last time the Netherlands had such an "expert" government was in 1918, and it's unclear how it will work more than 100 years later.
Wilders said it would be a "historic day" if his far-right PVV participated in a government for the first time. /BGNES