Xi Jinping called on world powers to mediate between Russia and Ukraine

Chinese President Xi Jinping told visiting Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán that world powers should help Russia and Ukraine resume "direct peace talks," state broadcaster CCTV reported.

"The international community must create the conditions and provide assistance to both sides to resume direct dialogue and negotiations," Xi said, adding: "Only when all major powers exert positive, not negative energy, the dawn of a ceasefire in this conflict can to appear as soon as possible."

Orban, who recently visited Moscow and Kiev, previously said his unannounced trip to the Chinese capital was "Peace Mission 3.0".

The visit comes a day before NATO's 75th anniversary summit. The war in Ukraine will dominate the discussions.

CCTV reported that the talks between Xi and Orbán "were aimed at in-depth communication on the Ukrainian crisis".

"Xi Jinping praised Orbán's efforts to promote a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis and detailed China's views and proposals," the report said.

"Currently, attention is focused on observing the three principles of 'no transfer of the battlefield, no escalation of war and no incitement by all sides' to cool down the situation as soon as possible," the Chinese president stressed. | BGNES