Zelensky has asked for more weapons from Bulgaria

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke by phone with Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov from Zaporozhye. This was made clear by a post by Zelensky on his official profile in H. The two have talked about Ukraine's current defense needs, especially in terms of strengthening the air force and artillery. Zelensky thanked Bulgaria for its support to Ukraine. Zelensky has invited Bulgaria to send a representative to the next round of negotiations on the Peace Formula.

"While I was in Zaporizhia, I spoke with Bulgarian Prime Minister Mykola Denkov and thanked him for his strong speech in the European Parliament, as well as for his government's support for Ukraine," the Ukrainian head of state wrote.

"I briefed the Prime Minister on Ukraine's current defense needs, particularly in terms of strengthening our air force and artillery. Ukraine's accession to the EU. I stressed the importance of unity in support of Ukraine's European integration, as well as the €50 billion multi-year aid I have also invited Bulgaria to send its representative to the next round of negotiations on the Peace Formula, which is planned for the beginning of next year," concluded the Ukrainian president./BGNES