Human rights activist Eli Sekulovska: Tito's last creation is Macedonia

North Macedonia, the last example of Yugoslav dictator Josip Broz Tito's utopian totalitarian regime, wastes time in corrupt eddies and ideological matrices that show only simpleton and obsession with total power.

Where is North Macedonia going?

Europe needs real freedom-bringing results and fight, not formality. In the election campaign, parasite speakers and "writers" suffocate readers and listeners with doctrine.

Unfortunately, a great army of super-scholars and scribblers has taken over paper and speech. Maintaining a primitive language and mentality and enclosing the artifacts in fear. Long sentences and abstract concerns make dogma's oratorical language appropriate for problematic statements unconnected to the day's happenings. Dogmatic speakers can argue a theory better than anybody else. Rules, order, and sequence, which would become language for decades, are irrelevant here. Misrepresenting themselves as knights of the free spirit and advocates of liberty in this day and age—denying or embracing it—must bother any sensible reader. Tito's "psychological warfare" relies largely on propaganda after he renounced dictatorship. Modern propaganda indoctrinates faster, creating a mob mentality of trust and cynicism before it spreads.

No one owns national intellect. Brilliant speakers and authors protecting future generations seems unthinkable now. Mediumity beats genius, and amateurism is appreciated. Since the totalitarian state has constructed a meaningless cosmos for 70 years, reason cannot contradict ideological super-reason. The environment values habit above ideas. Dogmatic language erased truth, lies, right, and wrong, made evil shameless, legalized injustice, and immoralized the human soul.

In this blandly furnished dread scene, ruins, repetitious language articulation, and kitsch culture are transferred to street architecture to depict the purportedly modern but old frozen authoritarian period through politics. New cultural barbarism is quasi-culture.

Madness Continues

The secret police took over when the one-party monolith of 70 years ago established a totalitarian dictatorship, eliminating logical thought and growth. Despite being declared dead, the communist system persisted and acquired power, sustaining its subordinate branches, media, and political parties. Tito's unaltered authoritarian regime is a fiction that fits the mind more than reality. A world of atomized people's uprooted masses is wrong. Statewide, fear is the enemy. The state and police recognize the entire conquering and enslaving system. There is no critical mass and freedom between the leaders and the people, no conciliatory or mediating organism like the party, the leaders' slavery weapon. Mysticism revived idolatry and sullied nihilism.

The whole apparatus works perfectly, and the multiplication of offices is very useful for the permanent transfer of power, so the longer the totalitarian regime is in power, the more these institutions there are, and employment depends only on movement because offices dissolve when their authority is liquidated. Duplication of positions and power, cohabitation of actual and divine authority, and intense pursuit for law disintegration complicate, but do not explain the organization's senselessness.

Another aspect is the terrible, microcephalous bureaucracy with merit-based appointed subservient workers. It hates everything and is a collection of preconceived notions against enlightened thought.

I come from engineering and remember my colleagues' open brilliance, free and sensitive humor, lightness and breadth of thought, and freedom to move between engineering sectors and technology, art, and society. Etiquette, sophisticated taste, respectable speech, fine-tuned and swear-free, with some music, some painting, but always spirituality on the face. As a remnant of a totalitarian regime that elevated the ordinary over the exceptional, the Macedonian elite and microcephalous bureaucracy's scorn for brilliance and determination to anonymize better minds remain mysterious to the masses and mob.

Macedonian human rights activist Eli Sekulovska. The Analysis, we publish in an abridged form was specially written for BGNES Agency.