Bulgarian Academy of Sciences celebrates the 185th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Marin Drinov

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is marking the 185th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Marin Drinov with a series of initiatives. At 10:00 today, wreaths and flowers will be laid at the monument of Prof. Marin Drinov in Science Complex 1 of the BAS.

The exhibition "The Literary and Documentary Heritage of Marin Drinov at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences" will be opened at 11:00 a.m. in the Central Foyer of the BAS. Prof. Drinov's scientific publications will be shown in the "Periodical Magazine of the Bulgarian Book Society (BKD)". Marin Drinov was the first chairman of the BKD, which grew into the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Although his academic career was realized outside the borders of Bulgaria, Prof. Drinov remains faithful to Bulgarian issues - he creates historical, literary, linguistic, ethnographic studies, commensurate with the highest scientific achievements of the time.

On October 19 and 20 in Panagyurishte, the birthplace of Prof. Marin Drinov, a national scientific conference "Science, education, statehood and modernization in Bulgaria in the 19th and early 20th centuries" will be held. The organizers of the forum are the Municipality of Panagyurishte, the Institute for Historical Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Historical Museum in Panagyurishte. The results of their research activities will be presented by both established and young scientists who are representatives of various scientific institutions and universities from the capital and the country. Two of the direct heirs of the numerous Drinovi family of Panagyura will participate in the forum with speeches. /BGNES